Condensate Water Pump (MB-38LH)
Condensate Water Pump (MB-38LH)

Condensate Water Pump (MB-38LH)

The upgraded version of the mini box is suitable for places with large water and small space.

Model : MB-38LH
Max. flow : 38L/h @ 0 head
Max. rec.head : 12m
Sound level: <21dB(A) @ 1m
•Power supply: 230V AC 50/60Hz
•Max. flow: 38L/h @ 0 head
•Sound level: >21dB(A) @1 m
•Max. recommended head: 12m
•Max. suction lift: 2m
•Max. unit output: 46kw/157000 Btu/h
•Safety switch: 3A Normally closed
•Max. water temperature:40℃
•Tank capacity: 40ml
•Discharge tube: 6mmID
•Class: Ⅱ appliance
•Rated: Non Continuous
•IP Protection: IPX1
•Thermal protection: 
•Fully potted: 
•L x W x H: 100mm x 58mm x 44mm

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