HFO HFC HCFC Hydrocarbons Copper Coils Copper Straight Tubes Copper Capillary Tube Insulated Copper Tubes Copper Fitting Rubber Insulation Tube Insulation Sheet Forged Brass Nut Standard Short Nut Union Union Tee 90°Elbow Adapter for R410A Reducing Union Adapter for R410A Male Connector Reducer (Solder) Union Tee Flare Union Adtapter Nut Adtapter Nut Solder Union With Valve Core Union Tee (CT-7000) Capillary Tube with Nuts Access Valve Copper Filter Drier Distribute Tube (Refnet) Rotate Quick Coupler Thermoplastic Capillary Hoses Thermostat Expansion Valves SV series Solenoid Valve GBC series Ball Valve or GBC model Ball Valve SGN series Ball Valve or SGN model Ball Valve HT Hand Valve Split A/C Valve Magnetic Check Valve Soldering Valves With Rotalock Connection Straight Rotalock Screw to Soldering Adapter 4-Way Reversing Valves Pressure Controller Diffrential Pressure Controls Flow Switches Vibration Eliminater Plate Type Heat Exchanger Condensing Pressure Regulating Valve Pressure Sensor Discharge Temperature Protector Pressure Switch 3-Phase voltage relay GRV8-03...08 Instruction Manual DC Shut off Valve Right Angle Shut off Valve TAM Series Thermostat 007B Series Thermostat K Series Thermostat Thermostat ETC-100+ ETC-974 ETC-961 STC-8080A+ ETC-200+ STC-100A STC-200+ ETC-3010 ETC-3020 ETC-3030 TPM-10 DST-50 TPM-900 ST-20 ST-1A WT-1 WT-2 DT-20 DS-1 Infrared thermometer(ST550) Infrared thermometer(ST380) Dual-way K-type thermometer (ST1312) Data Logger Electric Control Box(ECB-1000Q) Electric Control Box(ECB-5080) Electric Control Box ECB-2000 series Glass Tube Heater Constant Power Parallel Heating Cable (AKO-5234) Drainpipe Anti-freezing Heating Cable Heating Strip for Crankcase of Compressor VB Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump VI Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump VI Series Cordless Battery Driven Vacuum Pump RR Series R32 Refrigerant Recovery Unit Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Heated diode refrigerant leak detector LD-200 Infrared refrigerant leak detector LD-300 Co2 refrigerant leak detector LD-CO2 Combustible Gas Leak Detector LD-600 WJL-6000 NEGATIVE CORONA Negative Corona refrigerant leak detector HLD-100+ NEGATIVE CORONA RLD-382P DSA-200 Electronic Refrigerant Charging Scale RCS-100 Electronic Refrigerant Charging Scale RCS-220 Electronic Refrigerant Charging Scale RCS-100+ Wireless Charging Scale Large Flow Programmable Charging Scale Electronic Refrigerant Charging Scale Smart Spring Tube Cutter Roller Type Tube Cutter Capillary Tube Cutter Swaging Punch Tools Bender Spring Flaring Tool Lever Type Tube Bender WK-R999 WK-N368-180° CBB65-R CBB65-D CBB60 CBB61 Aluminum Foil Adhesive Tape PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Insulation Tape with Self-adhesive Cloth Duct Tape PVC Air Conditioner Insulation Tape (Without Glue) PVC wrap tape (with/o glue) Condensate Water Pump (MB-15LH) Condensate Water Pump ( SL-15LH) Condensate Water Pump (MB-38LH) Air Conditioning Cleaning Cover Support Plate Cleaning Cover Ceiling Cleaning Cover Triangel AC Bracket Foldable AC Brackets Welded Bracket Foldable Type Bracket With Level EK Liquid Line Filter Drier (Solid Core) DML/DCL Liquid Line Filter Drier (Solid Core) ES Filter Drier(Compact Beads) MCF Suction Line Filter Bi-flow Filter Drier (Solid Core) Burn-out Filter Drier (Solid Core) MCW Oil Separator MCA Dry and Suction Replaceable Drier MCA Dry and Suction Replaceable Drier MCOR Oil Receiver MCG Oil Filter Filter-drier Core MCC Horizontal Receiver MCC Horizontal Receiver MCC Vertocal Receiver Hydraulic Hose Compressing Tools Hydarulic Expander & Flaring Tools Bracket Vertical Valve LTF condensing pressure regulating valve LTF series Pressure Differential Valve XTF series suction pressure regulating valve YTF series Offload Valves CTF evaporating pressure regulating valve PYF series Liquid Injection Valve Dual cylinder Accumulator(100% avoid liquid-strike) MCQ Suction Line Accumulator Plastic A/C Bracket Rubber Anti Vibration Mountings Tube Cutter Pinch-off Tool Inner-outer Reamer Fin Straightener Ratchet Wrench Inspect Mirror Pick Up Tools Tube Expander Swaging Punch CT-100AL/CT-100ML CT-300AL/CT-300ML CT-300A/CT-300M CT-278 CT-1226-AL CT-96FB Universal A/C Control System Programmable Thermostat Universal A/C Remote Control Classic Cross Flow Air Curtain Machine (Remote control, Steel shell) Simple Cross Flow Air Curtain Machine (Remote control, Steel shell) Heavy Duty Cross Flow Air Curtain Machine (Steel shell) Industrial Storm Type Air Curtain Machine Copeland R404a ZB/ZBD Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit Highly R404a Rotary Compressor Condensing Unit Highly R404a DC Inverter Condensing Unit SANYO R290 Low Temperature DC Inverter Unit Bitzer R404a Semi-Hermetic Compressor Condensing Unit Air Cooled Condenser Air Cooled (Evaporators) EV Series Freezer Air Cooler ZL Series Freezer Air Cooler DE Series Middle Freezing Air Cooler Vertical Type Blast Freezing Air Cooler Customized Condensing Unit MCX Discharge Muffler MCR Heat Exchanger Accumulator MCH Refrigeration Heat Exchanger Accumulators & Liquid Receivers Edgemount Hinge Reversible Reach-In Edgenount Cam-Lift Hinge Reversible Reach-in Plane Hinge Edgemount Mechanical Latch Surface Mount Latch Edge-mount Hinge Plane Safety Latch Cam-Lift Safety Latch Locking Handle Circular Pressure Relief Ports Square Pressure Relief Ports PVC Strip Door CT-100A/CT-100M WK-806N WK-R806FT-L/WK-R808FT-L WK-805/806/808FT-L WK-519FT-L WK-E806AM-L WK-E800AM-L WK-E900 WK-T800 WK-813 CT-806AM-L/CT-808AM-L CT-275/CT-2000 Brass Testing Manifolds 2-Valve Testing Manifolds 4-Valve Testing Manifolds PG-500 PG-800 DMG-1000 Color-coded Pressure and Compound Gauge Automotive Quick coupler R134 Premium Charging Hose With 1/4 R410 High Pressure Charging Hose With 5/16 R410 High Pressure Charging Hose With Ball Valve R410 High Pressure Charging Hose With Ball Valve 5/16 Ball Valves Dye And Oil Injectors Flush Gun Kit Ball Valve Tool Hose-seal, Gasket & Core Kit Tools Kit HCW-11/22/122 Welding Rods & Ring PAG Oil for Automative A/C Compressor PAG Oil for Automative A/C Compressor POE Oil for Refrigeration/AC Mineral Oil for Refrigeration AB oil for ultra-cool application Gold diamond series Cladding Insulation Tube Rubber foam insulation sheet Electric Oil Level Regulator Refrigeration Capillary Cleaner GMCC Compressor AC Axial Fan ZEL Reciprocating Compressor C Frame Shaded Pole Motor LG Reciprocating Compressor Tangential Fan GMCC Rotary Compressor Axial Fan HIGHLY Rotary Compressor YZF Series Condenser Fan Motor Copeland Scroll Compressor EC Shaded-pole Motor Panasonic Scroll Compressor EC Axial Fan ACRone Scroll Compressor DMZL Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Compressor XECOM Scroll compressor


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